You Get the Turkey, We Have the Trimmings!

Next week is host to one of the most exciting and unique holidays anyone will see in their lifetime: Thanksgivukkah, a blend of Thanksgiving and Hannukkah, will be celebrated next Thursday in countless Jewish-American homes, as the first day of Hanukkah converges with Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgivukkah doesn’t come about very often. It occurred in 1888 and won’t be seen again for another 78,000 years! The uniqueness of this holiday has inspired a tremendous amount of creativity, from decor to dinner.

Ten year old Asher Weintraub is now famous for the creation of the menurkey, a turkey-shaped menorah, and bloggers everywhere are experimenting with Thanksgivukkah-inspired recipes, such as sweet potato noodle kugel.

This year, if you get the turkey, we have the trimmings! Here are 8 great gift ideas for this fabulous holiday fusion:

Philip Stein

Know someone who would love a holistic tune-up? This Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet channels beneficial natural frequencies to help you sleep better at night. It’s hypo-allergenic micro-fiber band is designed for comfortable nightly use.


These 18K white gold “St. Barths Blue” Dove’s earrings are inspired by the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean. These are sure to brighten anyone’s holiday!


If you have a watching-loving friend who also likes to be stylish, this Alor Stainless Steel Swiss-made watch is the perfect gift! Featuring a Stainless Steel bezel sapphire crystal, black sunburst dial, and a black and grey cable bracelet, this watch is sure to please!

Marco Bicego

These Marco Bicego earrings are sure to add vibrancy to anyone’s ensemble! Hand engraved with the time-honored Bulino technique, the 18K yellow gold makes the cushion cut jewels pop! The irregular and faceted London Topaz, African Amethyst, Iolite and Pink Tourmaline stones are sure ignite everyone’s interest this year.



Looking for something unique? These silver and blue Tererò rubber bracelets make their colored stones pop and are sure to make a statement this season!

Philip Stein

This Wine Wand by Philip Stein is the perfect gift for any wine aficionado! The Wine Wand accelerates the breathing process of wine through frequencies that are natural to the breathing process. This allows you to enjoy your favorite wine to its fullest in only minutes!

Ivanka Trump

Have someone who is in need of a little bling? This 18K white gold Ivanka Trump ring features a beautiful London Blue Topaz and is enhanced by its intricate diamond-laden design.

Belle Étoile

Here is a gift that will make them go “Wow!” A sterling silver bracelet with hand-painted Italian enamel and pavé-set stones, the Belle Étoile Vapeur Bangle Bracelet mirrors the graceful flow of mist and vapor. Elegant and classic, the Vapeur Collection is the perfect accent to any ensemble.

This year, we’re celebrating the holiday by thanking our customers with our annual sale. Be sure to stop by George Press Jewelers on Friday, November 29th to see these and many other gems for you to add to your holiday gift guide.



All That Glitters is Rose Gold… and Diamonds!

There’s no question that there has been a trend in gold this year: Rose Gold has risen to the top of this year’s must-have lists. It’s no wonder that this gold is so popular. The softness of rose gold can add a feminine, yet glamorous, touch to your look in any season.

Rose gold first rose to popularity in the 19th century in Russia. During the 1920s, Cartier debuted the now iconic Trinity ring of rose, white, and yellow gold, bringing rose gold back to the forefront of fashion. During WW II, platinum was pulled from the jewelry market and used as a war material, again allowing rose gold to rise to the top in fashion.

Although rose gold is exceptional on its own, another trend makes it even more unique: integrating it with black diamonds. Black diamonds are the most rare of all diamonds and have many myths surrounding them. Because they consist of a combination of carbon atoms and hydrogen, many people have believed that black diamonds aren’t created on Earth. In Italian culture, it is believed that black diamonds hold the key to reconciliation, as misfortune would be absorbed by the stone just by touching it.
The combination of rose gold and black diamonds fuses feminine and masculine qualities, bringing both gold and diamonds center stage to create one-of-a-kind pieces sure to add pizzazz to any outfit.

Ready to embrace the trend? This 18-karat rose gold Bypass ring. Set with round diamonds, black diamonds, and cognac diamonds unites the hard look of the black diamonds with a soft rose gold band.





This 18 Karat rose gold round pendant creates a softer look with diamonds, cognac diamonds, and black diamonds, blending the rose gold and black diamonds to create warm, uplifting tones.





Still looking for a more feminine touch? You may find it with this 14 Karat rose gold bow ring, featuring brown and black diamonds. Visit our homepage or Like us on Facebook to enter to win this gorgeous ring!

Drop by George Press Jewelers to explore our selection of rose gold and black diamond pieces today!



Purple Passion: The Color Craze of the Season

Just because nature wears the same colors every fall doesn’t mean you have to. This season, the usual crimsons, ambers, and hazels have taken a back seat to more vibrant colors. One of the hottest colors this season has been the luxurious color of royalty: Purple. What better way to combat the shorter days as we transition into winter than with this vibrant color?

Purple comes in many hues – from eggplant to lavender to violet, there is a shade of purple that fits everyone’s personal style. These subtle variations were seen at this year’s Emmys, where celebrities Mindy Kaling, Alyson Hannigan, and Heidi Klum each wore a different purple hue to enhance their own natural beauty.


Katy Perry recently rocked the purple trend in her Prism kick-off concert October 23rd. A subtle nod to this season’s bold color, Perry got everyone talking about her “space-age” choice of lip color.

If purple lipstick isn’t your thing, you can don this season’s trend in a subtler fashion – through accessories. A purple clutch or eggplant flat can add a pop of color to any outfit.

One of the best ways to accessorize yourself this season is, of course, jewelry!

These 18 Karat two toned drop earrings bring out the season’s trend in a classic way. The earrings showcases 2 pear Amethysts, 2 round emeralds, 2 round rubies, and is framed with diamonds.




Looking for a bold way to flaunt your fashion sense? This Marco Bicego Murano two stone ring in 18 Karat hand-engraved gold with amethyst and rhodolite garnet gems might do the trick!

Want to keep the traditional autumnal colors in your wardrobe,  but still want to be fashion-forward? These 18 Karat yellow gold button earrings do just that with a mix of colors. It features 6 various shapes and color Tourmalines, including this season’s purple hue, and 2 round Cornelians.

All of these gorgeous purple-craze pieces (and more!) are waiting for you at George Press Jewelers. Stop in today to find your fit for the purple haze trend this season!



The Vintage Advantage: Simple Steps to Buying Vintage Jewelry

There are many reasons to buy a piece of vintage jewelry: its beauty, its history, its value, to name a few. No matter your motivation for buying vintage, be sure you know what you are looking for. If you are interested in finding an authentic, one of a kind vintage piece, be sure to follow some important buying guidelines:

Buy what you love. Sounds obvious, right? Sometimes, buyers get so caught up in the idea of buying vintage that they forget to keep their modern tastes in mind. Don’t get lost in the allure of vintage – make sure you’ll actually wear it! This White Platinum oval drop necklace beautifully features 2 Sapphires and 64 diamonds, but if you don’t see yourself wearing it, you may want to consider another piece. Also keep in mind that the jewelry market is constantly changing. A valuable piece today may not be so valuable tomorrow, so be sure to enjoy not just the “vintage” but the jewelry as well.

Ask questions. The value of vintage “anything” begins with its provenance, or origin. Ask the seller where the piece came from, when it was made, and who its original owner was. Most importantly, find out how the seller acquired the piece, such as through an estate sale or antiquing. If you are interested in a piece such as this White Platinum wedding band set with 22 round diamonds, you may want to ask, “Is it a family heirloom?” If the seller is unwilling to tell you how he or she acquired the piece, be wary of its authenticity.

Research, research, research. Don’t always take the seller’s word for it. Go online and find how much similar pieces sold for at auction. If you research this Platinum diamond bracelet, you would find that it is from the late 40s, early 50s. Tread with caution if the price your seller gives you seems too high (or too low). If you see multiple of the same item for sale, odds are the piece your seller has isn’t as authentic as he or she is telling you.


Sound like a lot? It doesn’t have to be. Come in to George Press, where we’ve already done the research for you! We have a beautiful collection of vintage jewelry, including the pieces in this post. All vintage and estate jewelry in our store has already been researched and authenticated, making your visit a worry-free vintage buying experience.



October Birthstone: Opal

Happy Birthday October babies! The month of October signifies crisp autumn air, colorful landscapes, and pumpkin lattes. It also brings Opals, October’s birthstone, into the spotlight.

Thought to have been discovered 4,000 years ago, Opals have been admired for ages. Derived from the Sanskrit word upala, meaning “valuable stone” and the Greek term opallios, meaning “color change,” opals have some of the most unique characteristics of all gemstones.

Opals are found in three groups: precious opals, yellow-red fire opals, and common opals.

Precious opals feature a play-of-color that displays rainbow-like hues that change with each angle. This 14K yellow gold set of precious oval opal and diamond earrings perfectly complement this 14K yellow gold, 5 carat heart opal pendant surrounded by diamonds and sapphires.








Fire opals do not have the same play-of-color, and the best of this kind are clear and transparent in quality. This 18 Karat yellow gold Bypass ring features a Mexican Fire Opal and is surrounded by round diamonds and yellow diamonds.

Common opals also do not have the play-of-color and are usually opaque, but are sometimes translucent. These 14 Karat rose gold drop earrings are anything but “common,” featuring 4 pink opals, framed with round white and diamonds.

As with most gemstones, opals are the subject of many myths and legends. One of the best-known myths lies within Greek mythology. The Greeks thought that opals were Zeus’ tears, falling from the sky. They also believed the opal would help its owner succeed, making it as valuable as diamonds.

This value was also the cause of a very negative reputation. The opal was so desired it threatened the diamond business. This caused the diamond merchants to spread a rumor that the opal brought bad luck to its owner in hopes to prevent their gemstone rival from outselling them.

Come in today to see what had the diamond merchants so worried and discover your favorite variety of opal!

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