The brand’s motto, “Beauty Transcending Time”, is the embodiment of the brand’s concept. Inspired by world travel and studies of the art of ancient lost civilizations, the trio has created a brand of jewelry that has a vintage artisan appearance emulating ancient world jewelry, but fused with elements of 21st century contemporary design for today’s woman.

Hand-crafted in silver with gold and semi-precious gems, the brands first collection, Pompeii®, will draw on the city’s magnificent lost art with its Roman and Greek influences. “The collection is really magnificent and very sophisticated with a unique identity that expresses a woman’s individuality,” says brand Design Director and Senior Vice President, Marilyn Harrell. “The feel and wearabilty of this new collection is characterized by its bold yet feminine style.”

Each piece of the collection will have the brand’s signature flower embedded within the piece. “The DeLatori flower like all natural flowers represents countless details, some seen and some unseen,” says Harrell. “It embodies the attention to detail, quality and countless elements we have in every piece.”

The DeLatori collection captures the essence of these great civilizations with a special focus on the detailed beauty of each piece – from the themed signature embossed flower to the exquisite filigree and the identifying artifact coin from that civilization that is hand crafted in each piece, it is truly a collection that captures and transcends the ages. “The themes behind the brands designs are primarily those of nature, history and art viewed in the context of modern lifestyle,” says Tal Zemer, Co-President. “As a family we have always admired the beauty and artisanship of ancient jewelry and by blending these incredible motifs with the active lifestyle of today’s woman, the DeLatori collection is truly ‘Beauty Transcending Time’”.

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