The Novecento mesh was created decades ago, in the middle of the 20th century, but nobody imagined it would soon become a classic. It was merely… new and unique: a fine weave of small ovoidal elements which has always been produced according to high quality standards and passionate care. From the very beginning, these jewels have come with written warranty and international certifications, furthermore they are patented worldwide.. White, yellow and red hold has been used in chains with protean shapes, lengths and thickness and declined into several versions of necklaces, rigid, or flexible bracelets earrings rings… The Novecento mesh represents FOPE’s golden soul: the company has managed to design a zillion jewels, either casual or posh. Always fancy and up-to-date. Timeless.
Today, a century later and in a new millennium, FOPE’s Novecento mesh is a classic Italian jewelry art. Or rather of art tout court.