Steven Kretchmer

Steven Kretchmer is well known as one of the most visible innovators in American jewelry. Those who knew Steven well witness his passion and commitment to the continues exploration of the convergence of art and science in precious metals. He worked tirelessly towards the invention of new metal alloys and techniques while testing the limits of physics with his innovative designs. His passion for discovery was boundless.

During his career he received numerous awards for extending the boundaries of fine jewelry design. He has also been granted numerous patents for precious metal products, inventions, and alloys.

Steven Kretchmer’s signature collections fall into two groups: magnetic polarium and Tension-Set. With a Tension-Set, the strength of the entire setting itself secures the stone in place by a compression force of 12,000 pounds per square inch, not just with wires as in prong settings.  This type of mounting also exposes the gemstone to more light, and brings out the brilliance and colors that are often hidden by prongs or bezels.

Tension-Set jewelry is especially comfortable to wear, and has no prongs that scratch or catch on clothing.  It is fundamentally stronger and more durable than traditional settings, and is built to endure everyday use more successfully.